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Too big to succeed?

Arne Bartelsman | July 11, 2014

Middle-Income Countries threatened to be left out of the post-2015 agenda, as their group size and heterogeneity make it difficult to find a common advocacy...

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Anti-gang policies and gang responses in the Northern Triangle

The particular evolution of the gang phenomenon has been deeply shaped by a series of reactions and adaptations to ill-developed security policies.

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Drugs and violence in the Northern Triangle

Pien Metaal, Liza ten Velde | July 03, 2014

Could shifts in international aid, national drug policy and law enforcement contribute to reducing the high homicide rates?

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Milestone or deadlock?

G77's statement on means of implementation likely to set the tone for final round of OWG negotiations.

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Let investment work for employment

On 15 May experts discussed how the investments of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) can generate more and better jobs in developing countries.

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Expert opinions

New perspectives for risk assesment

Magda Stepanyan  | 25 July 2014

Some insights from the Understanding Risk Forum 2014

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The global land grab as modern day corporate colonialsm

Annelies Zoomers, Mayke Kaag | July 24, 2014

The idea that there is a “land grab” taking place in developing nations began with the publication of a report,Seized!, by the NGO Grain. This rang an alarm...

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Pre-distribution and monetary policy: stabilizing employment and growth

Thomas Aubrey  | 22 July 2014

In an increasingly globalized world which places downward pressure on nominal wages, monetary policy should permit the rewards of productivity growth to be passed...

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Putting productivity first

Robert D. Atkinson  | 21 July 2014

Evidence shows that technological change and productivity growth do not only destroy jobs in Europe and the US, but also create them.

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Initiatives to combat food wastage: a waste of time?

Vanessa Nigten | July 18, 2014

The recently published F&BKP report on food wastage shows that a significant decline in food wastage will not automatically improve food security.

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Inequality and the Middle Class

The Broker reports from the EADI conference Responsible Development in a Polycentric World: Inequality, Citizenship and the Middle Classes, 23 – 26 June 2014 in Bonn, Germany. The Broker is main media partner during this conference. Also see the EADI conference blog.

Breaking out of the development community

Evert-jan Quak  | 27 June 2014

The EADI conference has closed its doors. What the conference has shown us is that the debate on inequality and the rise of the middle class in developing countries...

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Renegotiating the social contract

Saskia Hollander  | 27 June 2014

Can global citizenship flourish in an era of increased competition between the middle classes in the North and the South?

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Development as building middle-class societies

Evert-jan Quak  | 27 June 2014

The Broker had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Birdsall, president of the Centre for Global Development, at the EADI conference. She has often asked herself who you call middle class?

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