About The Broker

Who we are

The Broker is a think net on globalization and development. We seek to deepen and broaden understanding and provide governments, NGOs and companies with strategic and practical advice. Our strength lies in connecting networks of scientists, academics, policy-makers and practitioners. Not only by bringing them together, but also by synthesizing their knowledge.

Our vision

We believe that more and better knowledge of international issues can lead to a fairer and safer world, and a more sustainable economy. Far too much knowledge remains unused. That is a waste of money, people and the planet. 

What we do

We challenge scientists and academics to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience with colleagues from other disciplines. We help build bridges between them and policy-makers. We connect the knowledge and policies of governments, civil society organizations and the business community. And we place issues in their local, regional and global context. Our unique international knowledge networks of scientists, academics, policy-makers and practitioners enables us to collect, analyse and interpret relevant information rapidly and efficiently. By connecting worlds of knowledge, The Broker helps find answers to questions that face all of us today and tomorrow.

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Partners and Projects

The Broker works together with clients and partners dedicated to creating a more peaceful, sustainable and inclusive world. These could be national and international governments and NGOs, as well as private enterprises with CSR targets. 

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How we work

We call our way of working The Broker method. What makes The Broker method distinctive is that:

  • we produce our recommendations, products and analyses through a process of co-creation with other experts, making use of the large international network that we have been building up since 2007.
  • we always look for different points of view and voices. This enables us to shed light on potential blind spots in existing policy perspectives and to help draw up analyses and strategies.
  • we work closely with our clients and partners. Together we think about problem analyses and policy issues. And together we explore the various policy options.
  • we always choose the best and most efficient way of bringing together the worlds of knowledge, policy and practice: from workshops and expert meetings to innovative ways of online consulting and e-journalism.


The Broker would not be able to pursue its vision without the incredible contribution of its high-level cross-disciplinary network of authors.

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Foundation IDP

The Broker is the short name we use for the Foundation for International Development Publications (IDP) (RSIN/fiscaal nummer 8159.29.298). The IDP Board receives no remuneration.

IDP publishes the The Broker, its articles and other contributions, under a a Creation Commoms (CC) licence (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported).

This licence allows you to share, copy, distribute or transmit the articles under the following conditions:

  • you must attribute the articles or other contribitions in the manner specified by the author or IDP, and not in any way that could suggest that they endorse you or your use of the article or other contribution (attribution)
  • you may not use the articles or other contribitions for commercial purposes (Non-commercial)
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This CC licence applies only to the text portions of the aricles or the other contributions in The Broker. You are not allowed to share, copy, distribute or transmit photo's, infographics or any other images that are being used. If you wish to do so, please contact the photo agency that have issued the user's licence or IDP.

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Protection Rights

The name and logo of The Broker are trademarks of IDP. You are not permitted to use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce these trademarks for any reason.


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