Raul Villaron / Press conference general strike in Leon, Spain (2012)

Contribute to the debate on Employment

12 March 2014

The Broker invites you to contribute to the debate on how more and better jobs can be created within our globalized world. You can do so by writing an opinion article, or by reacting to the discussion questions.

The Employment dossier analyzes the challenges regarding the creation of more and better jobs by linking it with global trends. One of the conclusions is that financial globalization, trade liberalization, and automation play their parts and should be taken into account in employment policy.

We would like you to discuss how work can be created in a globalized world in an opinion article or in the discussion. We would like to kick-start this discussion with the question: How can tax policy be used to give the right incentives to create more and better jobs and stimulate productive employment? 

Please send us your thoughts ( or contribute by adding your comments and suggestions or start your own discussion in the box below. To participate and follow the discussions the system asks for an email and password. You only have to create an account if you want to be notified of future reactions to your own comment. You can skip creating an account by clicking the 'post as a guest' box.  

We look forward to reading your contributions.

Photo credit main picture: Raul Villaron / Press conference general strike in Leon, Spain (2012)