Towards a global development strategy

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Debate topics include: Identifying Obstacles, Global Civil Society, Knowledge Infrastructure, Building a New Structure, Going Global and Getting the Basics Right. The blog New Dutch government: reshaping foreign policies was added in reaction to the proposed foreign policy of the newly formed Dutch government.

The Broker invites everybody to take part in this follow-up discussion, which builds on the first round of comments on the on the report 'Minder pretentie, meer ambitie | Less pretension, more ambition' of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). With six online topical discussions The Broker would like to create a springboard for further and more in-depth exploration on the overall topic towards a global development strategy. Background articles, summarizing the contributions of the first round of this discussion, have been attached to each discussion platform. Contributors are invited to submit constructive comments, provide interesting links and reading suggestions, post analyses and propose alternative options and views. Please send your contributions to

Other related articles on this site include a reaction from The Advisory Council on International Affairs to the WRR report, an interview with former Minister for Development Cooperation Bert Koenders, an article (in Dutch) on the reaction of the business world and a report (also in Dutch) on how other ministerial departments, academics and NGO's have responded to the WRR.

Mid October 2010 an English version of the WRR report has been published.