Social protection

Social protection

An estimated three quarters of the world’s population has no access to basic social protection.
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Introduction to our 'Social protection' dossier

In our Social Protection dossier, The Broker looks at the international discussion on how to secure decent protection for all human beings. We explore different ways to provide social protection and discuss the wider political and economical consequences in the search for a more inclusive economy. This dossier is being launched in collaboration with the Library, Documentation and Information Department of the African Studies Centre Leiden, which has compiled a web dossier on social protection in Africa.

Editorial articles

Social protection for inclusive growth

Bertil Videt | January 16, 2014

Social protection can be a stabilizer during a crisis and kick-start domestic demand.

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Protect - or promote?

Annemarie van de Vijsel | October 22, 2013

Social protection schemes look very different across the world. They traditionally protect people from income fall after shocks. But some programmes have hig...

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Antipoverty transfers in the South

Armando Barrientos | October 21, 2013

Antipoverty transfers have recently emerged as a key area of national policy and practice in the global South. They are increasingly perceived as an essentia...

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Expert opinions

It’s not about formalization

Jann Lay  | 28 October 2014

How informal micro and small enterprises can (if they should at all) make the transition into formal enterprises and how this would affect their growth and...

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High stakes: African asylum seeker entrepreneurs in Israel

Ilana Pinshaw  | 28 October 2014

Of 48,000 African migrants in Israel, the majority are asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea. If it is done right, entrepreneurship can play a vital role in...

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Why reducing inequality is an economic imperative

Stewart Lansley  | 27 October 2014

The shift from wages to profits has led to an increase in inequality over the last three decades.

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The three roles of social business leadership

Social enterprises are not easy businesses to run. The challenge of retaining financial stability while utilizing commercial practices to actively develop social...

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The Birth, Life and Death of SMEs in Rural Africa

Paula Nagler Wim Naudé  | 20 October 2014

Entrepreneurship is ubiquitous in rural Africa. But why do rural households operate non-farm enterprises? How productive are they? And why do they exit the market?

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Social protection in Africa

Social protection in Africa

This dossier is prepared in collaboration with The Library of the African Studies Centre, which has compiled a bibliographic web dossieron social Protection in Africa, containing book titles available in the ASC Library.

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