Experts and authors listing

Jacobs Garry

Garry Jacobs

Garry Jacobs is Chief Executive Officer of the World Academy of Art and Science and of the World University Consortium.
Jallow Alhaji

Alhaji Jallow

Alhaji Jallow is senior fisheries officer at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Regional Office for Africa, based in Accra, Ghana.
Jansen Annette

Annette Jansen

Annette Jansen is an independent humanitarian policy and advocacy adviser and PhD student at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Jansen Pepijn

Pepijn Jansen

Pepijn Jansen has an educational background in cultural anthropology and international development.
Jansen Margaret

Margaret Jansen

No personal information available at this moment
Jansen Huub

Huub Jansen

Board member and Treasurer of Stichting IDP | The Broker.
Janssen Resi

Resi Janssen

Resi Janssen is investment manager for South Sudan at the Dutch NGO Cordaid.
Janus Heiner

Heiner Janus

Heiner Janus is a researcher at the German Development Institute (DIE).
Jaspers Klaartje

Klaartje Jaspers

Klaartje Jaspers is an independent journalist.
Jayanti Sister

Sister Jayanti

Jayanti Kirplani (Sister Jayanti) is the Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation.