Experts and authors listing

Zhao Yongjun

Yongjun Zhao

Yongjun Zhao is Assistant Professor of Globalization Studies and Humanitarian Action, and Project Manager with Globalization Studies Groningen at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
Zidan Ahmed

Ahmed Zidan

Ahmed Zidan, born in 1987, is the Editor-in-Chief of Mideast Youth network and its projects. 
Zindel Kirsten

Kirsten Zindel

Kirsten Zindel werkt sinds 2007 bij BMC Young Professionals (Bestuur en Management Consultants), waar zij actief is bij capaciteitsopbouwprojecten in kandidaat lidstaten.
Zobre Katherine

Katherine Zobre

Katherine Zobre is a recent graduate from the International Development Studies masters program at the University of Amsterdam
Zomer Hans

Hans Zomer

Hans Zomer is Director of Dóchas, the Irish national platform of Development NGOs.
Zondervan Ruben

Ruben Zondervan

Ruben Zondervan is the Executive Director of the Earth System Governance Project He is based at the International Project Office hosted by Lund University, Sweden.
Zonneveld Michiel

Michiel Zonneveld

Strategic advisor and knowledge broker
Zoomers Annelies

Annelies Zoomers

Professor International Development Studies at the faculty of Human geography and Planning (University of Utrecht)
Zupi Marco

Marco Zupi

Marco Zupi is the scientific director at Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI) in Rome and part-time associate professor of International Development Economics at Roskilde University, Denmark.
Zwarteveen Margreet

Margreet Zwarteveen

Dr. Ir. Margreet Zwarteveen is Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher Irrigation and Water Management and Gender Studies at the Wageningen University.