Benjamin Betey Campion

Betey Campion Benjamin
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Dr. Campion is a lecturer at the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He has keen interests in environmental management and natural resource conflicts. He has competencies in environmental research and analysis of data and modelling, facilitation and development of community resources management plans, community water resources management planning, small scale sanitation, urban ecology and waste management planning.

As a lecturer at the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, he teaches Watershed Management, Aquatic Ecology, Wetlands Conservation and Management, and conducts individual research in bioremediation, ecology and management of wetlands especially, those associated with urban environments. Dr Campion is interested in the state of human influence, hydrology and nutrient cycling; effects of anthropogenic activities and climate change on urban wetland and stream ecology. He takes delight in informing and educating the world at large through publication of his research findings.