Julian Doczi

Doczi Julian
Organisation: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Website: Personal profile at the Overseas Development Institute

Julian Doczi works as a Research Officer in Water and Sanitation Policy at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). He is a sustainable development professional with three years of progressively responsible work experience in the Philippines, the UK, and Canada. Previously, Doczi was an active WatSan consultant in the Philippines. He recently completed a M.Sc. in Climate Change and International Development at the University of East Anglia. He is a reliable self-starter and future leader with an award-winning intellect, who excels in culturally diverse environments and is dedicated to achieving poverty reduction through effective sustainable development solutions.

He is particularly interested in the linkages between WatSan and climate change, and is also very interested in harnessing new forms for finance for WatSan programs, such as the CDM, social impact bonds, or OBA, especially for Asia. He is interested more broadly in WatSan advocacy and marketing, sustainable WatSan technologies, CLTS, spatial representations of WatSan issues using GIS, solid waste management in sanitation systems, and impact evaluation / M&E for WatSan and climate change programmes. On the climate side, he is similarly interested in small-scale renewable energy systems, promoting 'sustainable energy for all', and mainstreaming climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction into sustainable development programmes.