Jean-Luc Dubois

Organisation: The French Institute of Research for Development (IRD)

Jean-Luc Duboisis director of research of the French Institute of Research for Development (IRD) assigned to the Centre of Economics and Ethics for Environment and Development (C3ED), a joint research unit of the IRD and the University of Versailles St Quentin-en-Yvelines. He is president of the IMPACT Network, a Research Action Network gathering academicians, researchers, development practitioners and designers of public policies aiming at poverty and inequality reduction.Dubois is at the Executive Committee of the Human Development and Capability Association. His main areas of expertise cover development economics, household livelihoods, poverty and social sustainability, surveys and information systems.Among his recent papers are:

  • J. Ballet, J-L. Dubois and F-R. Mahieu, 2007 Responsibility for Each Other’s Freedom: Agency as the Source of Collective Capability, Journal of Human Development, 8 (7): 185-201.
  • J-L. Dubois and M. Trabelsi, 2007, Education in Pre- and Post-Conflict Situations: relating capability and life-skills approaches, in: Living in common and deliberating in common: foundational issues for sustainable human development and human security, P.B. Anand and D. Gasper (eds), International Journal of Social Economics, 34(1/2): 53 – 65.