Nelson Godfried Agyemang

Godfried Agyemang  Nelson

Nelson Godfried Agyemang is a farmer and rural entrepreneur. He is secretary of Farmers of Atwima Kwanwoma Association( FAKA) and secretary general of Coalition of Farmers Ghana (COFAG). Vice President for Program development, Funding and External relations of Ghana Cooperative Agricultural Producers and Marketing Association-Agric. Coops (Ghana Agricultural Producers Forest Farmers and Marketing Cooperative Alliance-GAFCA a member of Ghana Cooperative Council(GCC)(Member of International Cooperative Agricultural Organization(ICAO)(member of the International Cooperative Alliance(ICA)With many years experience as a Civil Society Leader and now a returnee to his rural home district, Nelson is mentoring other rural Citizens (especially discouraged youth) in how to be successful rural entrepreneurs, so as not to depart from rural areas. Among others he trains and coaches on how to use multiple livelihoods to survive in rural Ghana.