Mark Holmström

Holmström Mark

Mark Holmström is a social anthropologist who studies industrial societies. Most of his fieldwork was conducted in Indian cities, where he studied industrial workers’ careers, labour in formal and informal sectors, small firms, flexible specialization, industrial districts and clusters. He has also written about worker co-ops and other forms of industrial democracy in Italy and Spain. Since retiring from the University of East Anglia, UK, in 1999, he has worked on small and medium enterprises and clusters in Spain (especially the toy industry), and intends to do more research in India. His books include South Indian Factory Workers; Industry & Inequality: The Social Anthropology of Indian Labour; Industrial Democracy in Italy: Workers Co ops and the Self management Debate, and Spain’s New Social Economy: Workers’ Self management in Catalonia. He co-edited and contributed to Decentralized Production in India: Industrial Districts, Flexible Specialization, and Employment (with Philippe Cadène).