Pepijn Jansen

Jansen Pepijn

Pepijn Jansen has an educational background in cultural anthropology and international development. His anthropological specialization was/is in cultural and ethnic politics, but after his studies he has expended his horizon and worked with (online) communication, facilitation of workshops, monitoring and evaluation. His experience is mainly in the field of international development. He worked with dissidents in Cuba; indigenous movements in Guatemala and Ecuador; local NGOs in South Africa; worldwide forums in Turkey and maritime industry, tax-offices and (political) refugees in the Netherlands.

He feels that somehow, someway, the development sector could do better. Maybe not a unique thought, but at least a challenging one. And he also thinks that most people who say they have found a way of making the development sector better, well, mainly found a way of selling their new concepts. That’s why Pepijn will not be selling any concepts, approaches, new processes or methods here, but rather will try to give a refreshing and somewhat critical view on all that new and improved stuff other people come up with. He writes for The Broker's 'Treehuggers Treadmill' blog.