Michiel Keyzer

Keyzer Michiel

Michiel A. Keyzer is Professor in Mathematical Economics and Director of the Centre for World Food Studies of VU University (SOW-VU), a research institute that provides support, at both national and international level, to the formulation of food and agricultural policies and policies aiming at poverty reduction. Since 2003 he is also Extraordinary Professor at the Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CCAP).

Michiel Keyzer combines his scientific work (he is co-author of ‘The Structure of Applied General Equilibrium Models’, MIT Press) with leading and executing applied policy projects in developing countries in the field of food, agriculture and economic development. He is also a regular advisor of the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs andEconomic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, and a member of the Strategic Advisory Council of the InternationalFood Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).