Ines Kohl

Kohl Ines
Organisation: Austrian Academy of Sciences

Dr Ines Kohl is social anthropologist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Her research interests relate to the Tuareg in Libya, Niger, Algeria and Mali. More recently she has focused on transnational mobility, borderlands, migration, urbanization, youth culture, gender relations and the geopolitical situation in the Sahara and the Sahel. Recent publications include ‘Terminal Sahara: Sub-Saharan migrants and Tuareg stuck in the desert’, Stichproben, Vienna Journal of African Studies (2015); ‘Libyaʼs “Major Minorities”: Berber, Tuareg, and Tebu. Multiple Narratives of Citizenship, Language and Border Control’, Middle Eastern Critique (2014); and ‘Afrod, le business Touareg avec la frontière: Nouvelles conditions et défis’, Politique Africaine (2013).