Ruud Lubbers

Lubbers Ruud
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Ruud Lubbers is active member of the Earth Charter Commission, chair of VNO-NCW Curatorium, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and former UNHCR.

Personal slogan

To handle the great challenges and responsibilities we have towards the Earth and to counter the negative globalisation trends, we can make full use of the Earth Charter. The civil society of the globalising world, ''we the people'' need a constitution – a document describing the values to be respected and to be pursued. The Earth Charter gives us a holistic, comprehensive, inclusive constitution. – From The Earth Charter in Action – Towards a Sustainable World (2005)

Professional background

  • Lubbers served three terms as Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1982-1994)
  • Minister of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands (1973-1977)
  • Professor of Globalisation at the Catholic University of Brabant
  • Former Visiting Professor of the Kennedy School for Government at Harvard University, USA
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (2001-2005)
  • Former President of World Wildlife Fund

Other activities

  • Earth Charter Initiator and Earth Charter Commissioner (1995- present); active member of the Earth Charter Council (2005-present) 
  • Chair of VNO/NCW Curatorium (2005 –present)
  • Chair of the University Asylum Fund (UAF) (2006-present)
  • Member of the Club of Rome