Haibing Ma

Ma Haibing
Organisation: Worldwatch Institute
Website: Personal profile at Worldwatch Institute

A native Chinese, Haibing Ma's primary focus at Worldwatch Institute is on China-related topics. His priority research and management areas are clean energy and climate change, including an initiative to explore green economy potentials and impacts in China. Ma is also working closely with Worldwatch's partners in China to explore the role of unconventional gas and to initiate sustainable energy roadmap programs at the provincial and local levels. Ma is the main point of contact between the Institute and key stakeholders in China, including energy and climate officials and industry experts. Ma has been researching in climate change area for years. He has been closely following the UNFCCC processes and have participated several COP meetings.

Before coming to Worldwatch, Ma was an International Policy Associate at the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), where he played an indispensable role in managing projects that were aiming for advancing international climate negotiation. He was involved in developing mitigation scenarios and implementation plans for China's electricity, iron and steel, and cement sectors; power-sector modeling; and drafting a low-carbon development plan for the transportation sector. Ma has also been contracted by Asian Development Bank to offer analysis on trends of international climate change policies and provide advices on ADB’s potential role in green climate financing.

Ma holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Zhejiang University in China and an M.A. in Public Policy Analysis from Beijing University. He is currently completing his doctoral degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, where his primary research focus is on waste electric and electronic equipment management issues in China.