Chiku Malunga

Malunga Chiku
Organisation: Cadeco

Chiku Malunga is an Organization Development Practitioner specializing in Civil Society, Leadership Development and Strategy. He has many years experience as an Author, Consultant and Speaker.  He works as a Consultant to local and International NGOs throughout Africa and beyond. He is a highly sought after Speaker especially on civil society, leadership and strategy from an African perspective.

He is an author of six civil society and organization development books. Among his books are: Oblivion or Utopia: the Prospects for Africa,Understanding Organisational Sustainability through African Proverbs, Understanding Organizational Leadership through Ubuntu, Making Strategic Plans Work: Insights from African Indigenous Wisdom; and Power and Influence: Self Development Lessons from African Proverbs and Folktales ( for more details). He co-edited NGO Management: The Earthscan Companion with Alan Fowler.

Chiku holds a doctorate degree in development studies from the University of South Africa and he is Director of CADECO, an organisation that promotes African centred organisational and leadership improvement models.