Anna Matveeva

Matveeva Anna
Organisation: Crisis States Research Centre, London School of Economics

Anna Matveeva is an associate fellow at the Crisis States Research Centre at the London School of Economics. Matveeva acts as a consultant for the European Commission, UNDP, OSCE and European governments. She recently acted as head of the Research Secretariat for the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission. She worked as a research fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and as the UNDP regional adviser on Peace and Development in Central Asia. She has published extensively as an academic, including a Chaillot Paper on ‘EU Stakes in Central Asia’, a Chatham House Paper on 'The North Caucasus: Russia's Fragile Borderland', and articles in International Affairs, Europe-Asia Studies, International Spectator and Problems of Post-Communism, and is a regular contributor to the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’.