Saskia Ruijsink

Ruijsink Saskia
Organisation: Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University Rotterdam
Website: Personal profile at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Saskia Ruijsink has a background in the field of urban planning and urban development. She has an MSc (2005) in Urban Planning (magna cum laude), obtained at the Post Graduate Institute for Human Settlements (Leuven, Belgium) and an MSc in Technology and Society, obtained at Eindhoven University of Technology in (2004).

She joined the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies in 2007, where she works on and manages training and advisory work in the fields of participation, urban and regional planning and development, as well as climate change. In 2009-2010 she finalized an assignment on gender responsive land management, for which she was based for four months in the Global Land Tool Network secretariat at UN-HABITAT in Nairobi, Kenya.

Saskia has participated in international workshops and has research and working experience in the Netherlands, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Bolivia, Brazil, China and Canada.

Before entering IHS, Saskia worked as a consultant in the Netherlands. She worked in teams on participatory development plans for areas contracted by (local) governments and social housing agencies in a variety of cities and regions.