Michael Slaby

Slaby Michael
Organisation: Soetendorp Institute

Michael is an expert on interfaith collaboration and dialogue on sustainable development and environmental protection. He holds a Master of Arts with distinction in Comparative Religion, Political Science and International Law from Heidelberg University, Germany.

Since his highschool years, Michael has been actively involved in youth led civil society initiatives on sustainable development, human rights and refugee aid on both national and international levels. As a student he volunteered as Earth Charter Youth Coordinator, and helped to establish the vibrant network of youth organizations that form the Earth Charter Youth Initiative. 

In 2007 and 2008, Michael coordinated the Earth Charter International’s Programme on Religion and Sustainability that engages religious and spiritual traditions to actively support the creation of a more just, peaceful and sustainable future. 

Since 2009, Michael works as Program Manager for the Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values. Among other tasks, Michael manages the intergenerational Feather Project and helps to coordinate the Earth Charter Task Force on Religion, Spirituality, and Ethics that is co-chaired by Rabbi Soetendorp.