Albert Soer

Soer Albert
Organisation: UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre

Albert Soer is Capacity Development Practice Leader at the UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre.

After working in a private sector consulting company, the European Agency for Reconstruction in the Balkans, and the Netherlands Development Organisation SNV, Albert took up his present assignment at the UNDP Regional Centre for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2011. He has been engaged in capacity development in the public, private and NGO sectors for over 20 years.

In his present assignment, Albert supports UNDP country offices and national partners on capacity development in various sectors, including public administration reform, environment, human rights, anti-corruption, public service delivery and local development. In line with UNDP’s efforts to continue providing relevant services to its partners, Albert and his team in Bratislava implement an R&D effort focusing on arranging the implementation of capacity development support in complex and dynamic development circumstances. The Capacity Development Facilities have been designed to enable flexible support to partners responding to emerging development challenges. See for more information.

Albert led the development of the National Human Development Report on Rural Development in Laos which, in combination with UNDP’s work environment, had a significant impact on overall government policy and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper linking efforts to reduce poverty with environmental concerns.

Albert blogs regularly on the UNDP blogsite: Voices of Eurasia, and UN-teamworks.