Sietze Vellema

Vellema Sietze

Sietze Vellema is university lecturer at the Technology and Agrarian Development group of Wageningen University and Research Centre, and holds a PhD in Social Sciences,
Wageningen University. His work focuses on technology-society interaction in developing countries, the social embedding of agribusiness and value chains, and institutional analysis of task groups and division of labour in global value chains. He also is senior researcher and program leader at Agricultural Economics Research Institute of Wageningen University and Research Center. He led the action research programme Value Chains and Pro-poor Development, with pilot studies in 6 African countries, and policy research in the field of standard systems in cross-border agri-food chains. He has extensive research experiences in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philipines and Thailand. His work also comprises strategic research projects with a particular focus on (Dutch) transformation processes in the field of food provision and industrial application of renewable resources. He is involved in research and coordination on partnerships in value chains at the Partnerships Resource Centre.