Matthijs de Bruijn

de Bruijn Matthijs

Matthijs de Bruijn is a consultant at Steward Redqueen, a specialised consultancy firm focused on impact and sustainability. Matthijs specialises in sustainability strategies, impact measurement and ESG management in the financial sector. Concrete examples of projects include the design of an ESG management system for financial institutions (FIs) and the development of a model that quantifies the development effect of investments. He also is the author of a roadmap on the integration of E&S management for FIs, published by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He has worked with numerous development finance institutions (DFIs), commercial banks and investment funds in Western as well as emerging markets. Prior to joining Steward Redqueen Matthijs worked in New York and Brussels for multilateral organisations. He holds a cum laude Master’s degree in History from the University of Groningen.