Joachim von Amsberg

von Amsberg  Joachim
Organisation: Vice-President, Operations Policy and Country Services, World Bank

Joachim von Amsberg took over as Vice President, Operations Policy and Country Services, at the World Bank on July 1, 2010.

Joachim, a German national, has held various positions in Washington and in the World Bank’s country offices.

He was Country Director for Indonesia for the last three years, overseeing one of the Bank’s largest country programs and country offices. He supported the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to improve the investment climate and service delivery to the poor through stronger governance; and led the Bank’s relationships and engagement with Indonesia, its Government, and other stakeholders, in close collaboration with IFC and MIGA.

As Country Director for the Philippines from 2004 -2007, Joachim led a new World Bank strategy for enhanced support to the Philippines. This strategy supported 'Islands of Good Governance', demonstrating how improved accountability and service delivery would lead to better economic and social outcomes. Under this strategy, World Bank programs were scaled up significantly, aligned more closely with the country’s own priorities, and implemented, as far as possible, through the country’s own systems and institutions.