London at Night (Churchill Gardens) / Scott Wylie via flickr

New The Broker dossier about the European middle class

Michiel Zonneveld | May 13, 2015

The Broker has launched a new dossier: The European Middle Class under the programme Inclusive Economy Europe.

On 12 May 2015, The Broker launched a new dossier on the European Middle Class. This dossier will be one of the building blocks of The Broker’s Inclusive Economy Europe programme. The Middle Class dossier provides insights into the trends that pose threats and present opportunities for the European middle classes. The Broker is increasingly focusing on Europe’s economic, financial and political developments, starting with this dossier. You can find an introduction to the dossier here. It contains four core articles: Who Are The ‘Middle’?, Making Globalisation Work For The European Middle Class, Better Skills Will Not Save Middle-class Jobs From Automation, and A Divided Middle. The dossier also features an article with policy recommendations and a list of resources on the middle class. Also read the blogs by The Broker’s director Frans Bieckmann referring to this dossier.

Photo credit main picture: London at Night (Churchill Gardens) / Scott Wylie via flickr