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New dossier: the Migration Trail

European policies in a globalizing world

November 30, 2015

Migration is well on its way in becoming the 2015 political theme in Europe and for the years ahead. Although many media sources have covered the issue, more substantial knowledge will be of essential importance in shaping an effective future migration policy. For this reason, The Broker has launched a new dossier on European migration policies within a globalizing world.

The dossier is the result of The Broker’s extensive work on the subject of migration over the last few months. Centrally placed in the dossier is a new ‘living analysis’ called the Migration Trail. The living analysis gives insight into the large diversity of drivers and policy suggestions surrounding the topic of migration in Europe. With many references to content, both on The Broker’s website as well as on external sources, the living analysis forms a starting point in opening up an abundance of information on the topic. The text will be kept up to date with relevant events. After all, it is called a ‘living’ analysis for a reason.

A diverse set of expert opinions from carefully selected resources, experts and opinion makers will be added to the dossier for even further and richer contributions. All opinion pieces are written by professionals with a well underpinned and headstrong vision on the debate. For example, please see the articles, ‘Lack of shared responsibilities turns Turkey into gateway instead of safe stay’ or ‘The Valletta summit on migration: a disappointing result’.

In addition, the dossier contains an extensive research article written by Dr Sarah Wolff, which give a more in depth analysis on the role of international organizations in a more inclusive migration policy process.

An overview of all content can be found on the dossier page.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on our work and please feel free to contact us for possibilities in making your own contributions.

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