Map of incidents in Mali 2011-2015 / The Broker

Two new interactive maps on Mali

June 10, 2015

The Broker has added two interactive maps to its living analysis on Mali.

There is a new feature in the living analysis on Mali: two new interactive maps provide up-to-date information on developments in the conflict: the violent incidents throughout Mali from 2012 and onwards, and the activity of non-state armed groups in the different regions in the country.

The Broker's living analysis on Mali is an innovative way of structuring knowledge. It is easily accessible and can be reproduced and extended to analyze different conflicts. It is a tool for clarifying the different perspectives on the conflict, where they agree and where they differ. It is also a knowledge base. In the analysis you will find up-to-date expert opinions, videos, information from the ground and an overview of relevant academic and policy reports, literature and media coverage. At The Broker, we use this as input for expert meetings, to generate discussion and strengthen information-sharing partnerships.

Photo credit main picture: Map of incidents in Mali 2011-2015 / The Broker