Our products and services

The Broker offers a diverse set of knowledge services. In constant dialogue with our extensive network of experts, The Broker’s experienced staff can help you collect information, produce summaries, analyses and syntheses at high speed. We are a flexible organization, working constantly with our clients to develop new products. Would you like to make use of our services?

Would you like to make use of The Broker’s services? We offer the following building blocks:


The development of digital knowledge platforms

Are you looking for ways to connect knowledge and conduct policy discussions digitally?

We are experienced (co-)designers of multifunctional knowledge platforms. We facilitate online discussions, collect expert opinions and present stakeholder analyses. The Broker is actively involved in three Knowledge Platforms of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Learn more about our contributions from the showcases below, or directly consult our expert: Rojan Bolling


Policy analyses, recommendations and synthesis reports

Are you looking for a partner that can help you write an in-depth policy analysis, recommendation or synthesis report?

Our knowledge brokers are specialists in these areas – and we can also call in experts from our network. This enables us to deliver fast, tailor-made results. Take a look at the reports we have produced for Mondiaal FNV and others below, or directly consult with our expert: Saskia Hollander


Consultations with experts

Do you need all the relevant background and opinions on a subject – and fast?

The Broker specializes in consultations, both online and face-to-face. We actively seek the knowledge and opinions of experts, professionals in the field and policy-makers. The showcases below give a glimpse of the many successful consultations The Broker has organized. Interested in our consulting capacities? Contact our expert: Saskia Hollander


Expert meetings and conferences

Are you looking for a partner who can quickly organize and help prepare a meeting between academics and practitioners?

The Broker has many years of experience organizing expert meetings. We invite experts, deliver dossiers, moderate the meetings and deliver reports shortly afterwards. The Broker also organizes large conferences, of which the 2013 ‘The Broker Day’ is a good example. Interested in our conferencing capacities? Get in touch with our contact person: Frank van Kesteren


Research uptake: connecting research and policy

Do you want research to be used more efficiently for and by policy-makers?

The Broker was founded to bridge the gap between academic and scientific research and policy. We have accumulated considerable expertise and developed a wide range of tools to bring the very different worlds of academia and policy closer together. In doing so, we have forged links between long-term research cycles and usually short-term policy cycles. Interested? Directly consult our expert: Vanessa Nigten


Mapping knowledge and literature 

Do you want to enter into a new field or find out how much research has been done worldwide on a particular subject?

The Broker can help you. We have an extensive overview of relevant literature and our knowledge brokers have substantial experience in quickly classifying and analysing large quantities of knowledge, and making it accessible. If you are interested, contact: Vanessa Nigten


Living analyses

Do you need analyses that are updated regularly, so that you can take account of current developments and the latest insights?

While working on the Sahel Watch programme, The Broker developed a tool that makes this possible: the Living Analysis. Live information from people on location, new findings and continually updated overview charts paint a sharp and concise picture of how the situation is developing. Interested in learning more? Directly consult with our expert: Rojan Bolling


Writers and editors pool

Do you need the kind of writer who is able to write reports and articles about global issues in English and in touch?

Make use of our editors and writers, who are experienced, flexible and able to deliver at short notice. We are currently working for NGOs like Cordaid. Interested in learning more? Our contact person is: Remmelt de Weerd