Inclusive Economy Europe

Inclusive Economy Europe

Europe is bursting at the seams. This programme searches for the political, economic, financial and social foun- dations of a new European project   ▶

Programme: Inclusive Economy Europe

The Inclusive Economy Europe programme looks for alternatives to the current social, economic and financial policies in Europe. How can we accomplish inclusive and sustainable growth across the continent? With this new programme we go beyond the focus on GDP growth and ask whether the time has come for a new policy agenda. 

We aim to clarify the various aspects of this issue for policy-makers and help them weigh the options in terms of policies and actions. We analyse how and why inequality in Europe continues to grow, along which European, national and social dividing lines, and what alternatives are available. What aspects play a role, and what are possible blind spots for European policy-makers? 

Our target audience does not consist only of policy-makers. We target anyone who is thinking about or is working on a new European political project. We have seen a great many initiatives to make the economy more sustainable and more inclusive. Social entrepreneurs and young idealists are experimenting with new forms of economic interaction and various policy bodies, including the EU and the OECD, are discussing ways of changing course towards a more inclusive economy. These initiatives have come about partly in response to criticisms of the direction in which Europe has been heading in recent decades, against the background of economic and financial globalization. 

The Broker examines the structural and more long-term reasons why the European project has come to a standstill and sees the financial crisis of 2007 and the euro crisis that followed a few years later not as a temporary dip, but as one of the many symptoms that only accentuate the necessity of finding new foundations for Europe.

The analyses are produced by our knowledge brokers, based on contributions and suggestions from a broad international network of experts associated with The Broker. Inclusive Economy Europe expands on a series of socioeconomic dossiers that The Broker has published over the years, on inequality, employment, social protection, social entrepreneurship, the role of SMEs and, most recently, the middle class.

Are you interested in Inclusive Economy Europe? Or does your organization wish to contribute to the continuing development of this programme? Then send an email to the director of The Broker, Frans Bieckmann.

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