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Sahel Watch

Explore the dynamics and perspectives on conflicts in the Sahel, continuously updated with expert input, reports and multimedia.   ▶

Programme: Sahel Watch

With the Sahel Watch programme, The Broker decided to adopt a regional approach. We describe the conflicts in the Sahel region, and in West and North Africa, as accurately and accessibly as possible. We offer brief and reliable summaries of the most important aspects of the conflicts in the region. 

We aim to clarify the various aspects of the conflicts for policy-makers in governments, international organizations and NGOs, and help them weigh the options in terms of policies and actions. Sahel Watch is of course, however, not designed exclusively for policy-makers only. Our target groups also include academics, journalists and anyone else deeply committed to the region. 

The starting point of the Sahel Watch programme is that conflicts cannot be understood from a national perspective alone, and we therefore explicitly include cross-border factors in our analyses. These include regional and international geopolitical and economic interests in the Sahel region, and transnational influences such as migration, terrorism, drugs and human trafficking, and climate change.

In addition, we also examine internal relations and differences (the micro-dynamics). This allows us to expose the blind spots of policy standpoints and the different actors. 

The Broker works together with a large number of organizations and international partners on the programme. We offer extensive reports on current academic discussions and policy debates, and refer to specialized thematic knowledge. We follow current trends and the constantly changing relations in the countries concerned with, for example, interactive overview charts. At the same time we also take the long term into account, as well as more structural causes.

The analyses are produced by our knowledge brokers, based on contributions and suggestions from a broad international network of experts associated with The Broker.  Sahel Watch went online in December 2014 with a ‘living analysis’ of the conflict in Mali. The basis of the analysis is a long-read that is updated regularly. You can also click on overview charts, videos, analyses, etc.

Are you interested in Sahel Watch? Or would you like to know what Sahel Watch can do for you organization? For more information about this programme, please send an email to our knowledge broker Karlijn Muiderman.

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