Projects and Partners

The Broker works together with clients and partners dedicated to creating a more peaceful, sustainable and inclusive world. These could be national governments, international organisations, universities, NGOs, trade unions as well as corporations with CSR targets. These joint efforts can be realised in various ways. From setting up programmes together to executing specific commissions, such as building web environments or conducting consultations.


Below you can find an impression of current projects and partnerships that The Broker is actively involved in:


INCLUDE, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies

The Broker, together with the African Studies Centre (ASC) and the African Economic Research Council (AERC), is one of the driving forces behind the INCLUDE secretariat. INCLUDE is the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies, which brings together researchers, the private sector, NGOs and governments from African countries and the Netherlands to works towards inclusive development. Our diverse work for the platform includes the regular publication of synthesis articles, the organization of expert meetings and conferences, the development of a web environment designed for knowledge sharing, and online consultations. 


Food & Business Knowledge Platform

The Broker, together with AgriProFocus and the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI, Wageningen UR), forms the secretariat of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP). This platform aims to facilitate a better understanding of how food systems work and contribute to knowledge-based policies that work towards sustainable food security. The Broker’s involvement in the platform combines a number of our core strengths, such as expert consultations, writing synthesis articles and the development of the F&BKP web environment.


Research-project on civic power for Partos

The Broker, in cooperation with Partos and The Spindle, performed a research-project that focused on (creative initiatives of) civic power. The project resulted in the report Activism, artivism and beyond: Inspiring initiatives of civic power, which celebrates inspiring ways in which civil society is defending and expanding its civic space. At the same time, the report is meant to give energy to, and establish connections between, civil society organizations and grassroots movements across the globe and draw political attention to the importance of a healthy and resilient civil society. 


Knowledge platform Security & Rule of Law

The Broker assisted the knowledge platform Security & Rule of Law, which brings together a network of relevant communities of practice comprising experts, policymakers, practitioners, researchers and the business sector on the topic of security and rule of law in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. The secretariat of the knowledge platform on Security & Rule of Law is administered by Clingendael, the Netherlands Institute of International Affairs, and The Hague Institute of Global Justice. The Broker’s involvement included consultations, organizing and maintaining a web environment, the online moderation of debates, and making policy recommendations.


VIA Water

The Broker supported the VIA Water knowledge platform with its website and content development. VIA Water is a programme that aims to identify innovative solutions for water problems facing cities in seven African countries: Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and South Sudan.

The Broker, as partner of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has built and administered a website that serves as an umbrella for five knowledge platforms. These knowledge platforms are an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aim to contribute to effective policies in the Netherlands, other donor countries and developing countries.


Conference on precarious work

The Broker wrote the background document for the conference on precarious work that Mondiaal FNV organised in the fall of 2014. One of our senior staff members gave the introductory remarks.


INCLUDE Platform

Consultation on inclusive Growth

The Broker, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducted a consultation on promoting inclusiveness in the Dutch policy agenda for trade and international cooperation. The consultation was part of the preparations for the policy letter that Minister Ploumen will send to the lower house of parliament this fall. A wide variety of researchers, development practitioners and policymakers, who were pooled from the networks of the five knowledge platforms, were asked to write short contributions, which were published on the INCLUDE website. The Broker provided two closing synthesisarticles.


Expert meeting ‘Migration And Care Workers’

For the NGO Wemos, The Broker organized an expert meeting on the labour migration of care workers to and within Europe (from Africa and Asia, and increasingly from southern and eastern Europe). The meeting focused on the positive and negative implications of labour migration. In preparation for the meeting, The Broker wrote an article including a context analysis. Based on the meeting, we also formulated policy recommendations.


Dossier on boosting employment in African small and medium enterprises

For the NGO ‘Woord en Daad’, The Broker made a dossier on the role of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the process, we consulted over 25 experts. You can read The Broker’s report, Small But Powerful, here.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

IFC World Bank

Expert meeting with IFC

In the spring of 2014, The Broker organised, together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an expert meeting with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank. The central question was, how IFC’s investments could contribute to the creation of more jobs in developing countries. The findings in The Broker’s Employment dossier were used at the meeting.


Expert meeting ‘Circular Economy’

The Broker was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organise an expert meeting in the fall of 2014 on the question of how the circular economy could be placed on the international agenda. The Broker produced a preparatory dossier, organised  and moderated the meeting, and wrote a report. The meeting was attended by more than a dozen experts from the government, the business community and NGOs.