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The Broker combines high quality research and analysis with great communication skills, and thus, fulfils an extremely useful role in making new policy insights available to policy-makers and the broader public.

Inge Kaul, Adjunct Professor, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany


The Broker stands out as an exemplary source of clear, informed and in-depth news, commentary and debate on development issues. [It] is undoubtedly One of the leading 'brokers' of development information, reflecting diverse viewpoints from leading thinkers, politicians and policy makers. 

Sarah Cook, Director UNRISD, Geneva, Switzerland


A really innovative and very much needed initiative in the field of development and truly international cooperation. 

Imme Scholz, Deputy Director DIE (German Development Institute), Bonn, Germany


The Broker serves a unique purpose: bringing together the disparate parts of the development field to discuss its most important issues in a way that few other platforms have been able to. Its articles are high quality, and written by some of the leading lights in the field. Its analyses and debates are deep and penetrating. There is nothing quite like The Broker onlineā€”or off. 

Seth Kaplan, Professorial Lecturer Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC, USA


At a time when traditional ideas about development and social change are being challenged and upended, The Broker offers a continuous supply-line of fresh information and perspectives. It's become a must-read for me and everyone in my networks.

Michael Edwards, Distinguished Senior Fellow Demos, Editor at Open Democracy, New York, US