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Politici, uw visie op ‘Global Netherlands’ is nodig

A call to Dutch politicians in the run-up to the Dutch 2021 elections: share your vision on ‘Global Netherlands’. A commentary that appeared in the Dutch newspaper AD (in Dutch).

A colourful conclusion

Here it is! The Diaspora Inclusion magazine, a colourful conclusion to the Diaspora Inclusion dossier.

Enabling diaspora to take the lead – a synthesis

This synthesis of the final Diaspora Inclusion dossier’s contributions takes together all findings in the hopes that all agents – diaspora, development actors, policy makers and private sector actors – find inspiration and motivation on working together for more efficient, sustainable and inclusive development and entrepreneurship.

Diaspora and knowledge transfer – the evidence

In the final addition to the Diaspora Inclusion dossier, Charlotte Mueller and Katie Kuschminder evaluate on IOM’s Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme.

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