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Alia El Mahdi

Alia El Mahdi

Alia El Mahdi is professor of Economics at Cairo University. Her research primarily focuses on macroeconomics and more extensively on labor market, especially informal labor issues. Over the years she has conducted numerous surveys on informal labor markets, MSEs, and other macroeconomic phenomena. Her work helped in drafting and introducing the Micro and Small Establishment Law 131 in 2005 and in changing the Egyptian Labor Market Law and the Social Insurance Law. Alia frequently provides policy advice for several ministries on issues regarding subsidies, investment climate, medical insurance policy and social protection.

The bumpy road to improve women entrepreneurship

Egypt has invested in its female labour force since the 1960s. Yet women-led businesses remain rare. Alia El Mahdi provides insight into the underlying challenges and gives policy recommendations for the effective promotion of female entrepreneurs.

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