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Allister McGregor

Allister McGregor

Allister McGregor is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Sheffield, UK. Additionally he is the Chair of Political Economy in the Department of Politics and Director of Engagement and Impact of the Department of Politics. He has written extensively on the concept and methodologies for understanding human wellbeing and operationalizing it for public policy and practice. He was Director of the ESRC funded Research Group on Wellbeing in Developing Countries (WeD) and was a lead author in and co-editor of ‘Wellbeing in Developing Countries.’ Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Wellbeing economics: guiding inclusive development beyond obsolete thinking

Pathways to inclusive development need to be informed by more than economic growth models alone.

Facing the challenge of living well together

The recent and ongoing global financial crisis has shaken the confidence of many people in the trajectory and organization of global development. The effects of the 2008 crisis were experienced around the globe and its adverse impacts on human wellbeing have been profound.

Europe’s niche: the challenges of governance

The Broker asked Allister McGregor to reflect on the following three questions concerning Europe’s role in international development.

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