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Andrea Falanga

Andrea Falanga

Andrea Falanga is going to be a trainee within the Consumer Protection and Financial Innovation Unit at the European Banking Authority. He has recently graduated in Banking and finance from Sapienza University of Rome and in Banking and asset management from HEC – Ecole de gestion de l’Université de Liège. He has done an internship at the European Financial Inclusion Network, on behalf of which he has made a research about overindebtedness in the European Union. In 2013 he attended ‘Scuola per le Politiche Pubbliche’, which organizes debates about policies, resources and issues of Italy with top executives of some very important public institutions and private corporations, also in the House of Parliament.

The menace of over-indebtedness for the EU’s middle class

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the financial and indebtedness status of European households has significantly changed. To protect the middle class from over-indebtedness, policies are required at European level.

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