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Anna Knoll

Anna Knoll

Anna Knoll is a Policy Officer at the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM). Her research focuses on EU's development cooperation, the external dimension of the EU's migration and asylum policies, migration and development and the global development agenda. She has also experience working on issues around conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities and the African Peace and Security Architecture.

Challenges to a comprehensive and integrated EU migration and asylum policy

Europe’s 2015 political crisis over refugees and migration illustrated the lack of a coordinated approach by the European Union on these issues. Three constraints underpin this lack of coordination: the EU’s system of shared competences, the number of actors involved from different areas and with conflicting interests, and the fragmentation of existing programmes at the national level. Several steps can be taken to overcome these constraints, but they require a shared understanding that a joint EU response is essential.

Europe and the sustainable development goals

With the final report being sent to the UN General Assembly for adoption by the UN Member States, and with the negotiations on the final framework yet to start, there is more work for the EU in the months ahead.

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