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Annemarie van de Vijsel

Annemarie van de Vijsel

Annemarie van de Vijsel is currently working as Research Communications Editor at the Utrecht University. Annemarie worked as a knowledge broker for the Broker in the Inclusive Economy Africa and Sahel Watch programmes. She also worked for the knowledge platform INCLUDE and takes care of The Broker's monthly newsletter. Previously she worked on the Employment dossier and the Security & the Rule of Law knowledge platform. Annemarie graduated from a Research Master of International Development Studies and a Master of Journalism and Media at the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor of Human Geography at Utrecht University. Specializing in research and journalism, her interest lies at the nexus between the two.

Agricultural policy to stem migration: A look at Syria and the Sahel

Can the EU stem migration flows to Europe by supporting agriculture in countries of origin? In some situations, it can. The impact could be particularly large if Europe worked to increase the resilience of the food system and the people in countries with self-sustaining farming, thereby reducing reasons to migrate. Yet in countries that rely on market-oriented farming, the context is too complex to find a simple solution.

Closer cooperation on cross-border issues: the EU approach to the Sahel

The EU Special Representative for the Sahel has been given the mandate to address the issue of continuing insecurity, the main cause of migration out of the region.

Sahel Watch interactive resource list

An overview of resources that have been accessed for our Sahel Watch programme and that have been recommended by our experts.

What are the connections between Africa’s contemporary conflicts?

With so many conflicts emerging in Africa, the connections between these conflicts are becoming important. While conflicts are influenced by a diverse array of factors at local, national, regional and international levels, there is a need for policymakers to understand the way conflicts that extend across borders influence each other.

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