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Annemarie van de Vijsel

Annemarie van de Vijsel

Annemarie van de Vijsel is currently working as Research Communications Editor at the Utrecht University. Annemarie worked as a knowledge broker for the Broker in the Inclusive Economy Africa and Sahel Watch programmes. She also worked for the knowledge platform INCLUDE and takes care of The Broker's monthly newsletter. Previously she worked on the Employment dossier and the Security & the Rule of Law knowledge platform. Annemarie graduated from a Research Master of International Development Studies and a Master of Journalism and Media at the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor of Human Geography at Utrecht University. Specializing in research and journalism, her interest lies at the nexus between the two.

The inequality of ownership

A social contract may offer a sound basis for responsible development. Power relations are crucial.

Consumption patterns and the rise of the middle classes

A rising middle class changes consumption patterns, but not all assumptions about the behaviour of this class can be applied across the board.

Social protection and responsible development

Social protection is an important element of responsible development, but establishing adequate programmes is complex, as discussions at the EADI conference in Bonn, Germany, once more highlighted.

It’s about capabilities, not products

In the opening lecture of the 14th General Conference of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), Professor of International Development at the UK’s Open University Raphael Kaplinsky addressed the challenges of achieving economic inclusiveness.

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