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Arjan de Haan

Arjan de Haan

Arjan de Haan is program leader of the Supporting Inclusive Growth program at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Canada. Before that he was, among others, a senior lecturer at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in the Hague, and a social development adviser at the UK's Department for International Development (DfID) in London, Delhi and Beijing. He is the author of ‘Towards a new poverty agenda in Asia: social policies and economic transformation’ and ‘How the Aid Industry Works: An Introduction to International Development’.

Social policy: is it making a difference?

How effective are China’s and India’s social policies in making growth more inclusive?

Global inequalities, emerging economies, and the return of Karl Marx?

Inequality trends present a paradox. Until we have clarity about the nature of these inequalities and what or who causes them, it is not clear whether inequality could or should become central to a post-2015 agenda.

Arjan de Haan: NLAID? The ambition and politics of aid

The financial crisis – and how the times they are a a-changin’

The ISS conference ‘Crisis of Capitalism? Crisis of Development’ highlighted the great and probably increasing diversity in perspectives on this ‘global’ crisis.

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