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Armando Barrientos

Armando Barrientos

Armando Barrientos is Professor in Poverty and Social Justice and Research Director at the Brooks World Poverty Institute at the University of Manchester. Prior to that, he was Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and Senior Lecturer in Public Economics and Development at the Institute of Development Policy and Management at Manchester. He has also been an adviser to the ILO, the World Bank, DFID, UNRISD, IADB, WIEGO, UN-DESA, UNICEF, and the Caribbean Development Bank. Barrientos’ recent books include ‘Just Give Money to the Poor’ (2010, with J. Hanlon and D. Hulme, Kumarian Press), ‘Demographics, Employment and Old Age Security: Emerging Trends and Challenges in South Asia’ (2010, edited with Moneer Alam, MacMillan), and ‘Social Assistance in Developing Countries’ (2013, Cambridge University Press).

Antipoverty transfers in the South – Using social assistance to achieve zero poverty

Antipoverty transfers have recently emerged as a key area of national policy and practice in the global South. They are increasingly perceived as an essential component of effective development strategies aimed at zero poverty.

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