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Arthur Rempel

Arthur Rempel

Arthur is currently a PhD researcher at the department of Governance and Inclusive Development of the University of Amsterdam, under the supervision of Joyeeta Gupta. His research is centered around fossil fuel governance and the climate emergency, with a special focus on implications for poorer and more vulnerable countries from the global South. With degrees in Chemical Engineering and Systems Engineering - and a recent MSc in International Development from the UvA - Arthur enjoys using his analytical skills to study the climate emergency from both numeric and qualitative angles.

COVID-19, climate change, and resilient development: towards leveraging common measures

Shifting government support away from fossil infrastructure during the post-pandemic recovery may successfully tackle the climate emergency.

Lessons on market-oriented food security programming in fragile settings

Presenting two quick-scans as part of the ongoing study by The Broker on ‘aid transitions in fragility and protracted crisis settings’.

Unusual Suspects policy briefs: the private sector in international development

Outlining the potential of private sector involvement in international development.

Placing public and private actors on equal playing fields

Shedding new light on the Dutch role in and impact on international development.

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