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Bertil Videt

Bertil Videt

Bertil Videt is Programme Coordinator Communication & Marketing at CTA (ACP-EU). He is former managing editor of The Broker, holds degrees in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Copenhagen and the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He is a former executive co-director of the International Institute for Research and Education and has also worked with the International Baccalaureate and the European Roma Rights Centre. Bertil has written articles on a number of topics, including European Affairs, Middle East and Turkey.

Job insecurity as the norm – How labour market trends have changed the way we work

A growing number of people in the industrialized world work under insecure employment conditions. This is due to increasing labour market flexibility, which has influenced the nature of employment and the related power relations. This fundamental change has consequences for labour conditions, social policies and the quality of work.

Social protection for inclusive growth – How welfare schemes might contribute to economic growth

Social protection can be a stabilizer during a crisis as well as kick-start domestic demand. Global calls for introducing social protection programmes in developing countries are based not only on moral grounds, but increasingly on a belief that it is an important instrument for economic growth.

Resources on social protection

This is a list of selected reports, papers and databases on social protection in developing countries. It consists of three tables: table 1 contains a selection of reports by institutions as well as their theme pages on social protection; table 2 covers research papers by academics, research institutions and independent think-tanks that are available online; table 3 includes links to databases on social protection.

Social protection as a global challenge: who gets it – and who pays for it?

With only a quarter of the world’s population having access to social protection, the case for expanding it is gaining ground in international discussions. The debate focuses on how best to design social protection, whether it should be universal or targeted at the poorest groups, and who should provide it and finance it.

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