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Carel Ijsselmuiden

Carel Ijsselmuiden

Carel IJsselmuiden is the Director of the Council on Health for Development (COHRED). Carel IJsselmuiden is a medical doctor, public health practitioner, academic and social entrepreneur. He spent most of his professional like in rural, urban and academic South African health services before joining the Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED) in 2004 as Executive Director. His current professional interests focus on increasing the ability of low and middle income countries to invest in and use science and knowledge to improve health, equity and socio-economic development.

Beyond good intentions – fair research partnerships essential for resilience in low income countries

Low and middle income countries need increased capacity and leadership in solving their national problems. What is needed to create a sustainable science infrastructure to do so?

Donors must develop resources equitably and commit long-term

Arnold Toynbee observed in 1931 that “The twentieth century will be chiefly remembered by future generations not as an era of political conflicts or technical inventions, but as an age in which human society dared to think of the welfare [health] of the whole human race as a practical objective.

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