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Claudia Ranaboldo

Claudia Ranaboldo

She studied at the Università degli Studi of Turin, Italy (Pedagogy to Address Sociological and Cultural Anthropology); postgraduate degree in Gender and Culture. She works for over 25 years in Latin America, having been National Director of Gender and Rural Development, and Production Promotion Secretary, among other charges, in Bolivia. In the region, she has worked advising NGOs, public and private institutions, rural associations and multi and bilateral agencies on institutionally and public policies issues, local governments, citizen participation and rural services. She has also conducted research on issues related to equity and territorial development. She is currently Senior Research at RIMISP, the Latin-American Center for Rural Development and coordinates the Rural Territorial Development with Cultural Identity Program.

Biocultural diversity valorization of food systems

In my opinion, it would be really useful to enlarge the picture and consider addressing malnutrition and food insecurity as an entry strategy for sustainable and inclusive development of resilient territories.

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