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Crelis Rammelt

Crelis Rammelt

Crelis Rammelt is an Assistant Professor Environmental Geography and Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. He also teaches at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, at the UvA Faculty of Science, including a course on Degrowth. His research and teaching focus on forging links across disciplinary divides—mostly in the areas of political ecology, inclusive development, post-development, degrowth and systems science. Crelis has also been involved in establishing the Dutch degrowth platform Ontgroei and leading an action research and social justice programme with practitioners in Bangladesh. Crelis holds a PhD in Environment and Development from the University of New South Wales.

Recovering from COVID-19? Let’s do it without GDP growth

Just as our bodies need oxygen, the economy needs money – so the theory goes. If we do not steer away from this limited paradigm, then the cure we apply now will become a liability by giving rise to potential crises in the future. 

Decoupling: a key fantasy of the SDG agenda

Decoupling is a dangerous fantasy sustained by disavowal – the simultaneous admission and denial – of its impossibility in practice.

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