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Davinia Gómez Sánchez

Davinia Gómez Sánchez

Davinia Gómez Sánchez is Project editor for the Broker’s “Post 2015” project. She has a background in Law and Philosophy, and has further specialized in Human Rights and Democratization (E.MA programme). Her deep interest in Africa brought her to work as researcher for the Centre for Human Rights University of Pretoria. She has also worked for UNESCO at the regional offices in Uruguay and Namibia. She is currently undergoing research on Indigenous Peoples in Africa and further specializing in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Business as usual or system change

The 2015 deadline for the first global campaign against poverty, the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), is approaching. Global consultations on its successor are underway. Views on the post-2015 development agenda fall roughly into three categories: MDG-based approaches, more comprehensive and multidimensional approaches and those that aim at system change.

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