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Denis Burke

Denis Burke

Denis Burke has worked in media and communications for the last three years. After a period with AIDS Foundation East-West, he became the Chief Producer of Media and Communications with the World AIDS Campaign. He has also written for a variety of publications about East Asian and international affairs, particularly Tibet.

Moving beyond established ideas of donors and aid

As the preparations for the HLF4 gather pace, read here a reflection on the lively Busan debate so far.

Slow progress on Paris Declaration

The IOB (de Inspectie Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Beleidsevaluatie) convened a meeting on the Evaluation of the Paris Declaration on September 5th 2011 at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

News and links about Busan

Beyond the traditional donors

Can traditional and new donors agree on best development practices, should they, and if so how will they overcome the many challenges to alignment?

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