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Dirk-Jan Koch

Dirk-Jan Koch

Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch is the Special Envoy for Natural Resources of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, in December 2017, he was appointed Special Professor of International Trade & Development Cooperation at Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). Dirk-Jan finished his PhD (cum laude) at the Radboud University in 2009 and focused on geographic choices of international development NGOs. He was based for 5 years in the DRC and 2 years in Kenya, where he worked among other things as a regional director at Search for Common Ground, as a professor at the Catholic University of Kinshasa and as a diplomat of the Netherlands to the DRC.

A blind-spot mirror for evaluators

Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch has been working with a team on a multi-year research programme, which looks into the possible side effects of international development work. After 4 years of research, they have published a checklist that presents the 10 most common side effects of international development interventions.

Expect the unexpected: focus on the unintended effects of international cooperation

Unintended effects of international cooperation should be studied much more. Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch explains why.

From a 3D approach to a 3FT approach

Over the last two decades the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been at the centre of nearly every kind of initiative aimed at strengthening human security among its population.

Dirk Jan Koch: Cijfermateriaal WRR te pretentieus

In bad, in bed en op het balkon; het rapport van de WRR leest enorm lekker weg. Bovendien zaten er voor mij een aantal eye-openers in die ons verder kunnen helpen om de Nederlandse hulp op een hoger plan te gaan tillen.

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